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This is just one of a few websites that I manage. Ah, yes, who am I? Terry Gavan… pleased to meet you. I design websites at Spunky Design and I do other stuff like teach skiing and demo kayaks at Terrance Gavan dot calm.

I’m an award-winning Canadian Journalist and Photographer with several decades of both photojournalism and journalistic endeavor. I have interviewed sitting premiers and prime ministers, sick kids, healthy kids, covered council meetings and have sat in court following boring and exciting trials.

Now? Well, now I bring that background to my second run at life. I am a blogger, a website designer, a photographer, video editor and a ski and snowboard instructor. I have a wife and a dog and I spend a lot of time in an office buried fifty floors below ground level in cottage country, Ontario, Canada.

I mention that because if the Russians do decide they’ve had enough, and drop the big ones… I will still be able to update your website and write content for you. Yes, the world may be crumbling, but your website will be maintained. Because dammit, your product and your web presence means more to me than the world.

Yes, that last little bit was a facetious bit of nonsense just put there to show you that I have a sense of humor. Yes, I am a Canadian and CP Style will tell me that I spelled it wrong. But Chicago Style and the Bill Gates spellcheck will confirm that I got it… just right thank you very much.

So. If you need content in the form of video, audio, print or pretty pictures and you need it now? I am your man. Please get in touch. We’ll talk and we’ll have some fun. No charge for talking. But I do charge for results. Because my dog, Billie Jean needs biscuits.

Content Management


I do my web designing at Spunky Design and I do my content stuff right here. Is it confusing? Well, maybe a tad. But it keeps me sane. There are many facets of design. Writing and visual content is but one.

We need to know that even if we are designing something for the web? The content is an important, nay vital cog. You may already have a website, or an online store. You need to add pics, or writing, or videos.

And you want that stuff to reach out to your followers, your clients or your customers.

I’m here to help you with that.


I just add pretty stuff to your World


You need content and you need content management. I’m a journalist, a photographer and a videographer. I’m not an amateur. I am a professional content creator.

I do good stuff… not crappy stuff.

Really good stuff.

We can help you in any project



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